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Most art in our gallery is done by Wanderer.





EDIT 2: Read the whole latest edit BEFORE clicking the link (you'll see why) and I'll give you a cookie! :D

Well, this has been an eventful day. I made two dummy accounts to test the "take over a used username" theory last night, deleted one (as much as I could, anyway) and waited for today when I could execute the rest of the idea.
Only... the one-day Premium Membership thing doesn't extend to name changes. Dang it!

That is the bad news.

Now for the unexpected good news.

My mom has been in on this project as of the past couple of weeks (she accidentally saw my second username). After hearing the above news, she's interested in remedying the Premium Membership issue, saying she thinks I've earned it. That's the unexpected part.
I don't know when we will activate the membership. It could be the next couple of days, it could be after the semester's over (May 5th).

After mulling over this username/new account thing, my mom's offer, and sugomon's take on the subject (thank you so much for the comment, sugo, it really helped me!), I feel I can safely say it will be this account that remains my dA home. The two-month old one will be removed in due time.

Since there is no longer any point to hiding the second account as WD379 will be taking over its name, or a very similar one if dA doesn't allow the former, I shall reveal it to you.

Let me make a few things clear first.

1. The subject of the majority of the deviations has nothing to do with my keeping the account a secret. The secrecy was actually for my watchers' sakes; I loosely touched upon it in the last edit.

2. The deviations there will make their way here very soon. So please, PLEASE don't comment or favorite anything there. It'll only make me feel worse about deleting the ones already there. It may not look like it sometimes, but every comment I get is a treasure to me, no matter how long or short it is.

3. I drew the major character there because what little I did see of him before looked interesting, the actor playing him seems like a great guy, and for some reason his character is a lot of fun to draw, even though the complexity of his costume kills me (hence why the WIP is taking so long). I finally got a hefty dose of the character's background a couple of days ago.

4. The name is a completely made up word. You won't find it anywhere else except where I am. Believe me, I checked before I made it. I was playing with sounds and the name below was what came out.

And the magic username is...

Kagoreon!  ( )



EDIT: I just saw the "One Day Free Premium Membership" thing in my inbox set for April 7th.
That's all the time I would need to change my username, but there's other aspects on my mind as well...

I could remove the new account I made almost two months ago and have WD379 claim the new account's name (assuming dA allows that. I'll test it first). If I did that, you wonderful guys would discover not only the new dA account name, but also a slightly older Tumblr account of the same name.

If I do the above, I will lose very little (a few comments I would definitely rescue prior to deviation removal), but I would also lose the possibility of a fresh start with consistent higher quality work and relatively consistent subjects.

A lot of the "unique name" artists I've seen simply renamed themselves, halfway hid their old work in a secluded folder, and kept going with better quality art.
If I did this, the ability to start fresh is gone in that sense. And with my wide and inconsistent array of art subjects, I feel kind of sorry to anybody who may have watched me because of one subject I may have done once and never did again.

I also can't help but feel a little sad about the idea of abandoning an account I've put 4+ years of my life into, along with all the favorites and wonderful comments from everybody...


Any thoughts about this? I'm not sure what to do. I don't even know if I'm making sense.

There will likely be one more edit to this journal by the time the 7th rolls around.

Hello everybody!

I found out the other day that they just got over half a foot of snow back in my hometown; first time its gotten anywhere near that high in 20 years.
I've been waiting my whole life, literally, for that to happen and now that it finally came, I'm stuck in the Florida tropics.
Oh, the INHUMANITY! :icontearfulplz:

Now to the actual subject.

I am going to conduct an experiment here on DeviantArt which involves creating a completely new account with nothing suggesting specific connections to WanderingDragon379. Not in the username nor the gallery/favorites content. Even the art style I use will be changed (as much as I can make it, at least).
What will not change much, if at all, is my code of ethics with what I upload/favorite. I do have a reputation to uphold.

The purpose of this, in short, is that I want to see what effect a more unique username, (e.g. "yuumei," "Saimain," "DeyVarah") complete with new style and content, will have on viewers.

There is a catch as well. Nobody will know what my new username is.
If somebody manages find the new account and becomes suspicious enough to ask, I may confirm that person in a note. But don't count on it. :B

This experiment will last probably about a year, give or take. If it is successful, the WD379 account may become all but abandoned in favor of the new one. Then I will announce the new account to everybody.

In the meantime, WanderingDragon379 will remain active. ;)
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Wanderer & Tangerine
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
Meet the duo of WanderingDragon379. Tangerine (Blue) and Wanderer (Red)
If you want to get technical, than it's writer in blue and illustrator in red. XD
If you have spoken to us before now, you were talking to Wanderer. We'll be announcing ourselves from now on to anyone we've interacted with before. Tangerine's a bit internet-shy, but she's also newer to high-speed than Wanderer is as well.

Hello! This is Tangerine. Wanderer has kindly shared her page with me, and, although I haven't been active here in the past, I hope to be more so from now on. Wanderer has given me the privilege of helping develop characters like Shiannon from Spirit of Nature and Hirabayashi Hisako from the Yakousai series, and I've even had the opportunity to co-author these stories, though I really haven't followed through with that yet. Hopefully, I will abandon (at least temporarily) my procrastination and perfectionism long enough to upload something and be less of a phantom. : )

Wanderer here! I'm the main illustrator between us while Tangerine is the writer. Our specialties do overlap a bit but she still beats me to a pulp when it comes to writing. I occasionally do sculpture and 3D animation, both of which you can find pictures of in the gallery and scrapbook. When I'm not doing coursework, I'm practicing on my drawing. And... listening to music, researching for personal projects, watching Youtube videos, reading fanfiction (great for inspiration), and... not much else I can think of right off the bat. ^^;

Requests status:

Wanderer's FAQ:

Q. What programs do you use?
A. Adobe's Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere Pro, Illustrator (all CC), Dragonframe, QuickTime Player, and Autodesk Maya 2013. (College's Macintosh OS X laptop. The list is steadily growing).
Photoshop 6 and Hypercam 2. Autodesk Maya animation program. (WindowsXP).

Q. Do you take commissions?
A. No. I don't have PayPal or any online pay program so I'm not able to accept payment yet, as much as I'd like to.

Q. Do you do art trades and/or collaborations?
A. Only with very close friends, and even that's extremely rare.

Q. Do you take requests?
A. Used to. Because that question only came up maybe once every few months it wasn't a problem. But these days as soon as one request got finished, someone else would ask the magic question and I wouldn't have time to get personal work done.
I am always open to ideas however!

Current Residences: Transylvania County, NC; Sarasota, FL.
Favourite genre of music: Pretty much all of them.
Exceptions? With today's "modern" tastes, if one has a habit of playing it loud enough to wake the dead or shake the car, chances are high its one of surprisingly few types I can't stand. ("screaming" metal, rap, dubstep, and hip hop)
Favourite style of art: I do have a major fascination for surreal and concept art. But I go for anything that makes sense.
Favourite cartoon character: Daffy Duck, Mulan, Himura Kenshin, Edward Elric, Olivier Armstrong, Zelgadis Greywords...
Personal Quote: Love your enemies. It'll make 'em crazy. ^^

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