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[Comes up for air] There, it's finally done. Homework is now calling me yet again. [Dives back under]

Tagged by :icontigerdragon1001:


1. You have to post ALL the Rules.
2. Each person has to share 13 things about themselves.
3. Answer 13 questions asked to you and invent 13 questions the people you tag will have to answer.
4. Choose 13 people.
I barely even know 3 people on here.
5. Go to their page to inform them they are tagged.
6. Not something like "you are tagged if you read that".
7. You have to legitimately tag 13 people.
8. You CAN'T say you don't do tags.

9. Tag-backs are ALLOWED.
10. YOU MUST MAKE A JOURNAL ENTRY! NO COMMENTS! unless you're talking ABOUT the entry.
11. You have to finish within a week. If you don't finish in time, you have to do what ever the creator tells you.
12. Be creative with the title. No " I got tagged" stuff.
13. Cussing is ALLOWED.

1) Do you have any recurring dreams? (Stealing from Shiro because it's a cool question okay)
Eh, kind of? I have noted several of them to take place in locations that should be bustling with people but there's next to nobody there, or seemingly inanimate objects coming to life. The running theme they seem to share was exactly that; running. I'm frequently trying to escape from some figure(s) whose face I never see/remember.

I know at least two dreams took place in what I can only describe as an old, deserted theme park. In one I was mostly running up a tower stairwell that was dank and grey with poor lighting. All the rooms that opened out into the stairwell were pitch black inside and I was dashing into them in hopes the pursuer would continue running past and up the steps. It rarely worked. I don't think I was ever caught, but it was terrifying, nonetheless.
Another version involved what you would think was a water ride, except the "boat" was little more than a wooden raft and it had no safety mechanisms on it, and the river it went on didn't circle back around to the loading dock. It was a real river and I was being chased down it by a group of people I didn't know who were behind me riding on a second raft. And the weirdest part? Shetan, my wonderful, childhood imaginary friend, was with me and he was a real horse in this. That was also the only element that gave me any comfort in that situation. Bonus points for the whitewater rapids. Made me feel very at home.

2) Which character (from any of your fandoms) do you identify with the most?
For now, I think that honor goes to BBC’s version of Sherlock Holmes, minus the genius level intelligence (give me time on that part). Cold hard logic, and brutally honest if you give me reason to be so, and shaking like a leaf when emotions, especially fear, get the better of me. Something I really need to work on.

3) Do you like your handwriting? Why or why not? Try to describe it.
It’s okay, though it could stand a lot of improvement. Like my art style, it isn't terribly consistent, but the longer I write in one session, the more slanted and uniform it becomes, taking on a slightly italic look. All of which come with the price of hand and shoulder pain, so that’s nice.

4) Would you rather be able to turn into an animal at will, but not be able to pick the species, or be forced to turn into an an animal at set times, both animal and time being of your choice? And what would those be, if so? (Yes this is also kind of half stolen sHHH)
I think the former, since at least that way I can make sure I’m in an open enough space when I transform in case it’s something exceptionally large. Just hope it isn’t an animal that needs to be in water to breathe. . .

5) If you were the leader of a band, what would you call it? What genre would it be?
There’s so many different genres I enjoy that would be difficult to do in the same band. So I’ll slim it down and say. . . Celtic/medieval/folk? Sure, not quite the same things but they sound pretty similar from what I’ve heard.
As for a band name. . . I’m kind of tempted to use a Celtic word, so it can match one of the genres. Maybe Baile (“bal-yeh” - home, village, town) or Misneach (“mish-nock” - courage, spirit, hopefulness)?   I really don’t know.

6) Do you normally sleep pretty early, or are you an all-nighter master?

Night owl, as much as I wish I was an early bird. My artistic drive doesn't really like to show up until it's like 9 or 10 at night. And once I start drawing, I tend not to stop for a long time.

7) What's your favourite smell(s)?
In no particular order: Freshly baked bread, vanilla extract, hot chocolate, cherry, peppermint, garlic, BBQ/bacon/cooked meats in general, baked foods (cookies, pies, etc.), the inside of books. Those are the ones that immediately come to mind, anyway.

8) A friend asks you to voice a character in an animated series they're making. What kind of character/archetype do you think you'd be best suited to play, based on the way you speak?
The one who loves speaking in sarcasm and deadpans.

9) What was your least favourite subject in school, and why?
Math, because NUMBERS. [wails in agony]

10) Do you do art for yourself, or for others?
Both, but mostly the former at the current time.

11) What's the worst injury you've ever gotten? How did it happen? All the gory details, please B)
None of the injuries I can recall getting were especially major. I never broke anything or had to get surgery for them. As for ones that were noteworthy. . . I suppose that time I slipped on a wet ceramic tile floor and landed on my right hip. I couldn't get up for at least 5 minutes. And of course there was that time I was cutting something with a steak knife and accidentally cut the side of my smallest finger, almost to the bone. I got very lightheaded and nauseous for a few moments from the sight of it, but I recovered fairly quickly once I calmed myself back down.
I’m struggling to think of others right now, though I’m sure there have been some.

12) If you had horns, what kind would they be? Curled ram's horns? Twisty tall antelope ones? Awkward stubs?
Horns: Kudu stag.
Antlers: Irish elk. (Who said it had to be a currently living species?)

13) BAM you are now in a time machine! Do you go to the future? What's it like? Or do you go to the past? Which era and country do you go to? (Yes, you can go prehistoric too, because everyone wants to see dinosaurs, right?)

Never ask such a question of a history lover! There’s too many times and places I want to see. Granted, there are not many points in history that can even begin to be deemed safe enough to explore, but I think they would be worth the effort, just to know those times in person.
The British Isles during the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, Crusades, Japan's Bakumatsu, American Revolution and Civil War, and yes, any dinosaur era would be fine as well. Give me time and I'll think of more. B)

Also tagged by :icontigerdragon1001:

Name: . . . Just call me Wanderer or Kago/Kagoreon. I’m still a little fussy about my real name appearing in public any more than necessary.

Star sign: Libra.

Average hours of sleep: During semester: 3-5. Outside of semester: 9-10.

Lucky number(s): I don't think I have a lucky number. Let's just go with my favorite and say 3.

Last thing googled: “A Lyke Wake Dirge” A traditional English song I suddenly remembered hearing from years ago. I think I discovered a new favorite version, by The Insects.

Favorite fictional character(s): In no particular order: Daffy Duck, Gonzo the Great, Sherlock Holmes, LOTR’s Frodo Baggins and Eowyn, Disney’s Clopin Trouillefou, Kenshin Himura, Edward Elric, AC Lineage’s Giovanni Auditore, and MCU’s Iron man, Frigga, and Loki. To name a few off the top of my head.

Current attire: Dark green short-sleeve Carhartt shirt and some kind of black sports trousers with a thin red stripe down the sides. Because they're COMFY.

When did you start this account?: August 23, 2009.

Number of watchers: 354

What do you post?: Art, in a variety of forms.

Other blogs: Active: Tumblr (1*).       Semi-active: Youtube (2), Tumblr (2) Pinterest (for references), Facebook (because college wasn't giving me much choice), and (mostly to collect stories).
*Each number is the number of accounts I have on each site, so two on Youtube and three on Tumblr.

Do you get a lot of comments?: On here? Nowadays, maybe 3-5 in a year, if I'm really lucky. But then, I’m usually too busy these days to do semi-regular updating, so I can’t exactly complain about a lack of constructive feedback.

Why did you choose this username?: Because I like dragons, Rurouni Kenshin (Wandering), and the 379 has LOTR and the Bible as excuses for being in there. I’m currently waiting for a good excuse to pay a little so I can change it.


Wanderer & Tangerine
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
Meet the duo of WanderingDragon379. Tangerine (Blue) and Wanderer (Red)
If you want to get technical, than it's writer in blue and illustrator in red. XD
If you have spoken to us before now, you were talking to Wanderer. We'll be announcing ourselves from now on to anyone we've interacted with before. Tangerine's a bit internet-shy, but she's also newer to high-speed than Wanderer is as well.

Hello! This is Tangerine. Wanderer has kindly shared her page with me, and, although I haven't been active here in the past, I hope to be more so from now on. Wanderer has given me the privilege of helping develop characters like Shiannon from Spirit of Nature and Hirabayashi Hisako from the Yakousai series, and I've even had the opportunity to co-author these stories, though I really haven't followed through with that yet. Hopefully, I will abandon (at least temporarily) my procrastination and perfectionism long enough to upload something and be less of a phantom. : )

Wanderer here! I'm the main illustrator between us while Tangerine is the writer. Our specialties do overlap a bit but she still beats me to a pulp when it comes to writing. I occasionally do sculpture and 3D animation, both of which you can find pictures of in the gallery and scrapbook. When I'm not doing coursework, I'm practicing on my drawing. And... listening to music, researching for personal projects, watching Youtube videos, reading fanfiction (great for inspiration), and... not much else I can think of right off the bat. ^^;

Requests status:

Wanderer's FAQ:

Q. What programs do you use?
A. Adobe's Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere Pro, Illustrator (all CC), Dragonframe, QuickTime Player, and Autodesk Maya 2013. (College's Macintosh OS X laptop. The list is steadily growing).
Photoshop 6 and Hypercam 2. Autodesk Maya animation program. (WindowsXP).

Q. Do you take commissions?
A. No. I don't have PayPal or any online pay program so I'm not able to accept payment yet, as much as I'd like to.

Q. Do you do art trades and/or collaborations?
A. Only with very close friends, and even that's extremely rare.

Q. Do you take requests?
A. Used to. Because that question only came up maybe once every few months it wasn't a problem. But these days as soon as one request got finished, someone else would ask the magic question and I wouldn't have time to get personal work done.
I am always open to ideas however!

Current Residences: NC & FL.
Favourite genre of music: Pretty much all of them.
Exceptions? With today's "modern" tastes, if one has a habit of playing it loud enough to wake the dead or shake the car, chances are high its one of surprisingly few types I can't stand. ("screaming" metal, rap, dubstep, and hip hop)
Favourite style of art: I do have a major fascination for surreal and concept art. But I go for anything that makes sense.
Favourite cartoon character: Daffy Duck, Mulan, Himura Kenshin, Edward Elric, Olivier Armstrong, Zelgadis Greywords...
Personal Quote: Love your enemies. It'll make 'em crazy. ^^



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